Friday, August 20, 2010

Eye of Anguish

A nifty little artifact.

Eye of Anguish (I) 15; Value 2,100
Spirits: D (I) 1, 5, 15; P (I) 1, 5, 15
Description: A necklace with a triangle pendant upon which a mystic eye is inscribed, an eye of anguish brings suffering upon its bearer, but benefits others. The bearer of an eye of anguish may transfer permanent injuries from others to himself and use the Fortune within the eye to regenerate from the wound. Regeneration occurs at the normal rate as explained in the Regeneration power, and the bearer spends 4 Fortune to regenerate a minor permanent injury, 6 for a permanent injury, and 8 Fortune for a major permanent injury. Adding Fortune into an eye of anguish causes 5 points of Health and Ego damage per 1 point of Fortune replaced.
Fortune: 18

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