Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skeleton Teeth

This Sorcery & Super Science! artifact is heavily influenced by the seminal Ray Harryhousen scene in Jason and the Argonauts. I've always liked that scene and thought to make my own variation.

Skeleton Teeth (I) 10: Value
Spirits: D (I) 5, 10 N (I) 5, 10
Description: Seven teeth pried from skulls and infused with spirits, skeleton teeth are thrown upon the ground to summon one skeleton warrior per tooth. The summoning requires 10 Fortune. The warriors are under the command of the caster of the teeth and can understand simple orders. The warriors animate for 1 hour before returning to the earth. After the skeletons return to the earth the caster will find that 1 fewer tooth remains in the set, meaning that skeleton teeth can be used 7 times, each time with progressively fewer warriors. When returning to the earth after the final use, there is a 10% chance that the last skeleton will leave behind 7 teeth - a new set of skeleton teeth.
Fortune: 12

Skeleton Warrior
Sorcerous Construct (Basic)
C4 A1 S3 F4 R-3 I1 W2: Ego 8: Health 24: Fortune 12
Movement 5/44

Description & Information: Summoned by powerful magics, skeleton warriors claw their way out of the ground equipped with either longsword and shield or spear and shield. Their shields are small round affairs, brightly colored with insignias of octopi, elephants, lions, or other fiercely drawn animals. Their shields and weapons appear battered and old, but are actually well-crafted.

Intrinsic Powers
• Skeleton warriors are tough, reducing Health damage by 4 points per hit for piercing damage, 2 points for slashing damage, and 1 point per hit for bludgeoning damage.  
• Their shields absorb the first 10 Health damage. After absorbing the damage, they are knocked out of the grip of the skeleton warrior, remaining irretrievable on the ground. When a skeleton warrior is killed, its shield may be retrieved and functions as a medium shield.
• The swords and spears of a skeleton warrior do +5 slashing damage and a deal a +4/ rank 5 combat condition in melee. The spears can be thrown up to 60 feet with no range penalty and if they hit and draw blood, the throwing skeleton warrior is instantly teleported to the spear, appearing with spear in hand. Swords, but not spears, are left behind when a skeleton warrior is destroyed.

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