Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goblin Bear

Not all mutations under the shattered moon derive from the breaking of time. Some come from ancient and terrible forces thought long gone: the faerie.

Goblin Bear
Mutated bear (Intermediate)
C8 A3 S8 F5 R1 I1 W1: Ego 16: Health 48: Fortune 27
Movement 10/88 (climb at .25)

Description & Information: A twisted and hairless mutated bear, little remains behind that is recognizable. Along its spine a series of boney projections looking like shark fins progress down to an elongated tail. The head is mostly thin skin over bone, seemingly lacking the musculature needed for the fierce bite of the creature. They are generally cowardly creatures, often found skulking and muttering in the background as henchmen of more charismatic creatures.

It’s speculated that goblin bears are not mutants caused by the cracking of the moon, but are instead the work of foul faeries tinkering with the nature around them. They are found in forested areas and in the blasted wastelands, but appear to avoid other types of terrain.

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess senses greater than human +20 on any olfactory sense conflicts.
• Immune to radiation.
• Goblin bears attack with a bite, dealing +8 piercing damage per hit and a +4/ rank 6 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Bear Hug (1 per day): The great hug of a goblin bear attacks at a Combat 10 and deals +10 piercing damage and +4/ rank 4 combat condition.
• Curse of the Hirsute (1 per week): Mostly hairless, goblin bears may inflict a shaggy bear-like coat of fur upon any creature it finds offensive. A successful rank 4 Willpower conflict prevents such from happening, but a failure results in a thick hairy coat upon the target. Such hair falls out naturally in a week’s time. Any Fortune spent to succeed in this conflict actually subtracts from the total roll, but such is unknown to the target.

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