Saturday, August 28, 2010

Demon Dogs!

Since I'd get kicked out of the post-apocalyptic fan-club were I to have no demon dogs, below is my interpretation of why they're a common epithet.

Demon Dogs
Fairy (Basic)
C4 A4 S4 F4 R-1 I3 W1: Ego 14: Health 32: Fortune 19
Movement 10/88

Description & Information: Demon dogs are massive, shorthaired, rust-colored dogs. These fairies are foul tempered and quick to anger, but if befriended, can prove reliable companions. That befriending is far from an easy thing to accomplish, however. Demon dogs are frequent ruin dwellers and are also commonly found in malodorous swamps. They are encountered in small packs, but sometimes large groups gather together for unknown reasons.

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess senses greater than human +6 on any sense conflicts and can engage in extraordinary sense conflicts.
• Immune to toxic attacks.
• Demon dogs may move through any terrain without reductions in speed.
• Demon dogs attack with a bite, dealing +3 piercing damage per hit and a +4/ rank 4 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Chaos and Uncertainty (4 per day): A demon dog may bark at a single creature, placing a curse of chaos and uncertainty upon it if it fails a rank 6 Intuition conflict. Those cursed seem to have no ability to control themselves and randomly perform actions. A cursed creature can spend 2 Fortune to override the curse for 1 turn. The curse lasts for 5 turns.
• Unexpected Results (1 per day): If a demon dog bites a target, it may choose to force it to succeed on a rank 10 Intuition conflict or be cursed by the demon dog. When those cursed use a power (mutation or spell) a randomly determined power occurs instead. The GM should randomly determine the power and threshold and adjudicate as he sees fit. This curse lasts until the sun next rises.

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