Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mini-Review of Advanced Adventures #15: Stonesky Delve

The fine folks at Tenkar's Tavern have done a mini review for Stonesky Delve. I'm pleased they mentioned the maps, as I think they are one of the strong points of the module that differentiates it from most cavern-crawls. There are two maps for the cavern area - overhead and side view. I've always wanted to see more realistic caves in fantasy rpgs ever since I first saw pictures of the strange underworld lurking beneath our feet.

I finally got my first actual cave experience a few years ago at Mammoth Cave. It was amazing and I knew that I wanted to write a module that seemed more like a real cave than those I've see in what seems like every other adventure. Given the ease at finding caving information on the web, and after discovering the truly amazing Voronja Cave system (now called Krubera) I was hooked. Look at the map below for a taste and click here for the embiggened version. :)

There's a lot more room for fun and craziness left for the "real cave" dungeon experience. I imagine I'll revisit the idea again sometime.

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