Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The true way to play Sorcery & Super Science

S&SS is an old-school game. I expect all those who play it to make it their own. The game, once in your hands, is *your* game - not mine. My responsibility as a designer is to provide ideas and material upon which you, as the owner of the game, make completely yours. Don't like a rule in the book? Change it. Think something is too complex? Simplify it. Don't like skills? Don't use them. Want more material? Make it up. The game is yours.

This design philosophy is, IMO, quite different than most modern rpgs in which rules are "rules to be followed to the letter" and in which the GM is expected to only create minimal material for his or her campaign. There are no "rules" in S&SS - only suggestions. I will be releasing more S&SS material of course, I do this for a living after all, but I'm expecting every GM to play in their own sandbox and create their own campaign-appropriate material. I expect all to have their own house rules and to look at everything in the game with a critical eye based upon what they want at their table. We're all experienced role-players now and we know what works best for ourselves and our players.

I'll be using this blog to expand upon S&SS in various ways - snippets of world-building, new creatures, new items, etc. But the final word isn't mine - it's the word of every GM and every player at every individual table.

The game is yours.

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