Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snap Worms

The thought of being afraid of little worms amuses me. :)

Snap Worms
Mutated worm (Basic)
No statistics

Description & Information: These mutated worms have formed a colony intelligence similar to those of bees. Most snap worms live underground and are rarely seen, but the ones earning the sobriquet of snap worms are the few in the colony that serve to protect it from attack. These worms are only 6 inches long, but they have mutated very long and extremely thin filaments that spread out from the head of the worm through the nearby grasses to a distance of 10 feet. If any creature larger than an insect disturbs a spreading filament, the worm earns its name by snapping out of its shallow hole in a flash, straight towards the disturbance. Upon arrival it explodes, for the snap worm is composed of a high explosive.

Snap worms are most common in grasslands, but can be found almost anywhere under the shattered moon, creating a natural mine field for the unwary. There are typically at least 10 proper snap worms in a snap worm colony, spread throughout the area the nest occupies. Through careful cultivation some intelligent creatures use snap worms for defensive purposes.

Intrinsic Powers
• Snap worms are pretty much like normal earthworms, but they explode when handled roughly. They also explode on contact when their filaments are extended.
• Immune to toxic attacks.

Limited Use Powers
• Worm Snap (1 per life): Avoiding an exploding snap worm is impossible for the creature triggering it. Such triggers a rank 20 Reflex conflict and damage is determined by the result. A greater success deals 4 Health damage. A success deals 8 Health damage. Failure by 1-10 deals 10 Health damage and a minor permanent injury. Failure by more than 10 deals 12 Health damage and a permanent injury. If the trigger does not have Reflex (such as a vehicle), it takes 15 Health damage.

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