Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Roach of Doom!

Because sometimes you really, really wish you had a flying carnivorous mastodon you can keep in your pocket.

Roach of Doom (U) 5; Value 45,600
Spirits: N (B) 10, (I) 10, A (10), (U) 5
Description: One of the most unusual sorcerous “objects” a roach of doom appears as just a normal roach to all but sorcerers. This, of course, is far from reality, for dwelling within the hapless insect are four necromantic spirits. Upon command and the expenditure of 5 Fortune, the roach of doom transforms into a winged, man-eating mastodon under total command of its owner. It will remain for 1 hour before turning back into a normal roach. A roach of doom lives for 100 years. If drained of all Fortune, it dies. Every use of a roach of doom has a 1% cumulative chance of error, resulting in a winged, man-eating mastodon desirous of consuming the being that called it forth to the exception of all other actions.
Fortune: 14

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