Monday, August 16, 2010


A Russian domestic spirit to get the blood going this early Monday. You can use this for pretty much any relatively-benign household spirit, regardless cultural group. Not everything below the shattered moon is mean, twisted, and dangerous - although it may seem like it.

Elemental spirit (Intermediate) 1
C1 A3 S2 F6 R1 I3 W6: Ego 32: Health 24: Fortune 22
Movement 5/44

Description & Information: A common household spirit, domovoi look like a tiny old man with a bushy white beard. A domovoi watches over all the members of the household, helping them avoid accidents and mishaps, but if in a mischevious mood a domovoi will sometimes create accidents or mishaps for entertainment. They favor such things as tickling, knocking on walls and floors, and moving small items from where they belong. Keeping on the good side of a domovoi is fairly easy via small gifts and presents of food or shiny items. Unlike many spirits, domovoi can act (via their telekinesis) when non-manifested and rarely self-manifest.

Intrinsic Powers
• Damaging a domovoi with non-iron weaponry is difficult - all Health damage is reduced by 4 points in such cases.
• Possess senses greater than human +4 on any sense conflicts and they can make extraordinary sense checks.
• Domovoi have no effective physical attack and wield no weapons.

Limited Use Powers
• Self Manifest (1 per week): Domovoi can make themselves flesh for one hour per week although they rarely do.
• Telekinesis (4 per day): Domovoi possess the Telekinesis power at (Basic) level.

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