Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rush Music in a Japanese Game Show

So I was watching an 1986 episode of Takeshi's Castle last night and in the background they were playing an instrumental version of Territories from 1985's Power Windows album. I had a rather weird moment of conflict of worlds during the recognition process. Rush music and 80's Japanese Game shows previously did not mesh in my world view. Aparantly Takeshi's Castle was known for using popular music... the one I heard is "Home Run: Territories: The theme of The Animal."


Tedankhamen said...

Japanese musicians are notorious otaku, and all music otaku regardless of nationality like Rush. I'm not surprised the soundman for the show chose that. The snippets I hear on daily talk shows out here, from Dee-light to Fatboy Slim to Newfie music, would astound anyone in their variety.

jgbrowning said...

I would have never guessed that. The funny things one finds out when dipping into other cultures.

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