Monday, December 19, 2011

The 10%

I just looked at some of S&SS blog statistics and found that about 10% of visitors are classified by Google Analytics as non-Native English Speaking. I was surprised by that and thought I should say "Hi!" to all those who visit the site from around the world. The internet bring us together in ways that were never able before and hopefully when I'm old and near death, I'll look back upon the development of the 'net as one of the great steps of humanity. Here's to hoping!


Nerzenjäger said...

Both Advanced Adentures compendiums have made their way here to Austria! :)

Dennis Laffey said...

Hi! Although I am a native English speaker, I'm teaching non-natives in Korea. Google may classify me among the non-natives, though, as my service provider is Korean and my PC's OS is in Korean.

jgbrowning said...

@Nerzenjäger: Glad to hear it and may you enjoy!

@Lord Gwydion: I suspect there are more such as you in Analytic's analysis as I believe it is based upon ISP.

Igor Vinicius Sartorato said...

Hi! I'm Brazilian, and I always read your blog. I admire your work, especially the Tome of Tomes and Formula Folio series.

jgbrowning said...

Heya Igor! Glad you like those two series. I've been working on some more and hopefully will have another 100 Tomes out in a few months and should have the First Level Spells and Protective Scrolls out for Folio Formula in about the same time.

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