Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Advanced Adventures #18: The Forsaken Sepulcher now available.

So it's been, what, almost 10 days or so since I've done an honest post. Between two long trips (one to Dayton, OH, the other to Pittsburgh, PA), an overnight visit by some friends, and now an illness (still not recovered, but much better than yesterday) I've gotten very little work done.

However, I've finally managed to put AA#18 up for sale at our website as well as in PDF form at Your Games Now and rpgnow. It's another high-leveler from Alphonso Warden and if you've liked his other works I think you'll find it another good adventure.

I should also mention that our damaged stuff is just about gone, so if you were interested in $4 hardcover version of AA#1 or an $15 hardback copy of the second edition of A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe you should probably drop by our website as well at this link. A few copies of A Magical Society: Silk Road are still available as well.


Johnathan Bingham said...

That cover rocks! Pete's work is always top notch. I'm a bit envious at times ;).

Matthew James Stanham said...

Sweet! American spellings always throw me off, I had to check that I knew how to spell sepulchre there! :)

Joseph Browning said...

If there is any beast more chaotic than the Spelling Monster, I am unaware... :)

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