Monday, April 11, 2011


Mutated Humboldt squid (Basic)
C3 A3 S1 F2 R-4 I2 W2: Ego 4: Health 18: Fortune 9
Movement 9/80 flying

Description & Information: Sometime in the recent past mutagens created a new type of predator: the flying squid, a 3-foot-long rapacious predator. These nocturnal creatures hunt in large migratory shoals of up to 100 individuals. They hunt small mammals and reptiles, but occasionally cooperate to take down larger prey. They are nocturnal hunters, lairing up in caves, ruins or among tree branches during the day. They avoid direct sunlight, as their sensitive eyes are designed for excellent night vision. Aerosquid nests are typically found deep within dark areas.

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess night vision greater than human, +6 to sense conflicts. Day vision is at -4.
• Immune to radiation.
• The aerosquid’s rubbery body reduces blungeoning damage by 2 points per hit.
• An aerosquid deals +6 slashing damage and a +4/rank 2 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Radioactive Ink Spray (2 per day): Twice per day, an aerosquid can squirt radioactive ink to a range of 15 feet. It hit, a creature must succeed on a rank 4 Fortitude conflict or become radiated. This is a toxic attack

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