Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gone missing in Arden Vul?

I've just finished laying out Level 7 and am on to Level 8. We're currently at 520 pages and counting! Here's a preview of one of the Adventure Hooks - Rescue Operations!

Rescue Operation
Hook: someone has gone missing in Arden Vul, and it's up to the PCs to locate and rescue him/her/it! Will doing so bring a reward, a new party member, or merely a sense of satisfaction?
Source of the Hook: if a given prisoner is connected to an individual or institution that would pay for his/her/its release, that interested party is listed in the third column below. Otherwise, the GM should decide who the interested party might be.
Explanation: The following table includes a complete list of all prisoners/captives found within the Halls of Arden Vul, along with indications of where they are being held and who, if anyone, is interested in procuring their release. Some captives have built-in mini-quests associated with them. For example, Lillian the canon is the subject of her own hook (see above); the temple of Mitra will pay good money for her rescue. Similarly, High Priestess Stephania of the cult of Set would be interested in the return of Berenice, the Set deacon. For most prisoners, however, no interested party is given. Partly this is because these prisoners are NPC adventurers, unconnected to the factional politics of the Halls. Still, the GM could decide that the relatives or comrades of one of these NPCs has approached the the PCs and asked them to locate their missing family member/friend; such parties might provide a vague report of where the NPC was headed. So, for example, the GM might decide that Weothas, the now-lame former companion of Samantha the Red and Tresti Iredell, approaches the PCs and begs them to rescue his comrades. In such a case, Weothas could explain how his party had descended the Well of Light (2-1) to the 'secret halls of the Thoth priests' (Level 2), where they were beset by terrible, barking apes that overwhelmed their party. Last he saw, Samantha and Tresti were being dragged away by an enormous, four-armed ape! Such a hook provides PCs with a motive and general location for the captives found in 2-36B and 2-36C. Perhaps Samantha and/or Tresti are interested in joining forces with their rescuers?
Relevant Areas of Arden Vul: varies. See locations on the following table.
PC Levels: varies

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