Friday, April 13, 2018

Advanced Adventures Compendium Four Now Available

I'm happy to say that Advanced Adventures Compendium Four is now available at Lulu. This compendium contains #31-#40.

The Lost Lair of Drecallis by Rick Maffei 4-7
The Palace Beyond by Jasper Polane 6-9
The Halls of Lidless Shabbath by Stuart Marshall & Joseph Browning 12-15
The Crocodile’s Tear by Geoff Gander 3-6
The Desert Shrine of the Sightless Sisters by Keith Sloan 5-8
Aerie of the Cloud Giant Strategos by Joseph Browning 9-14
Under Ruined Onm by Joseph A. Mohr 5-7
White Dragon Run by James C. Boney, Joseph Browning, & Joseph A. Mohr 2-5
The Dark Tower of Arcma by Joseph A. Mohr 6-10
The Horror of Merehurst by Joseph Browning 1

Also, there are two good Lulu coupons going on right now: 20% Off and free shipping. Use the coupon 8NBHJD6V for 20% off and then use the free shipping coupon BOOKSHIP18 to get both at the same time.

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