Thursday, January 4, 2018

Arden Vul Convention Games 2018 - Gary Con, NTRPGcon, Gen Con

I've spent the last few days making pre-gens for the two Arden Vul scenarios that will play out at Gary Con, NTRPGcon, and Gen Con this year. For those who will be attending, below is the information on the modules. If you're going to those conventions, you'll have an opportunity to experience the awesomeness that is AV before it comes out. I, of course, recommend such. (Note: Archontean, Wiskinga, and Thorcinga are types of humans).

Escape from Arden Vul
System: 1e/OSRIC
Players: 6-10
Levels: 4-7
Duration: 6 hours
Brief Description: Teleported into in the legendary dungeon Arden Vul, you must find a way out.
Long Description: Dammit, Lightfingers! You had one job! Of course the rings of friendly defense would be trapped and now you find yourself in a cramped cave somewhere deep underground. The magic mouth that taunted you as you left said “Arden Vul will be your grave!” Well, you’ll have to see about that, won’t you?

1. Heraclion, Male Archontean (C6)
2. Wicktrimmer, Male Imperial Goblin (F5/T6)
3. Njal, Male Wiskinga (F6)
4. Cyneburga, Female Thorcinga (MU5)
5. Zhorak, Male Dwarf (F5)
6. Godric, Male Wiskinga (T7)
7. Valerian, Male Archontean (I7)
8. Hallgerd, Female Wiskinga (C7)
9. Livinia Greenthumb, Female Halfling (F4/T6)
10. Theodora, Female Archontean (F6)

The Tomb of the Twins
System: 1e/OSRIC
Players: 6-10
Levels: 6-8
Duration: 4 hours
Brief Description: Can you locate the tomb of the Twins and plunder the Gemini blades ahead of a planned imperial expedition?
Long Description: Big news! The tomb of the legendary hero-twins, Tekla and Taticus, has been confirmed as lying along the Drowned Canyon, deep within the deadly Halls of Arden Vul. Your shadowy patron has hired you to locate the tomb and 'liberate' the famous Gemini blades from it. The catch? The imperial authorities are planning to do the same. You have three days to locate and loot the tomb before the official expedition descends like a hammer.

1. Basina, Female Archontean (F7)
2. Hearthminder, Female Imperial Goblin (C6/I6)
3. Rosco Barleystalk, Male Halfling (T8)
4. Paullor, Male Archontean (C8)
5. Aethelred, Male Thorcinga (M8)
6. Nagellor Belladorson, Male Elf (F6/MU6)
7. Ebbe, Female Thorcinga (B5)
8. Thorvald, Male Wiskinga (C8)
9. Callista, Female Archontean (I8)
10. Olaf, Male Wiskinga (F7)

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