Sunday, February 12, 2017

A bit of OSR history: Stonesky Delve Gen Con 2010 Tourney

Stonesky Delve is one of the modules in the current Advanced Adventures Bundle of Holding (only $16 for 15 modules, so quite the bargain). It comes with a GM’s scoresheet as well as pre-generated character sheets if you’d like to run it as we ran it at the tourney at Gen Con 2010.

Stonesky Delve has a fond place in my heart. I think it’s one of the best adventures I’ve written, and running the tourney was a blast for everyone involved. The design of the module is unlike most other modules as I’d made a conscious decision to make the cavern section (the 1st half) like a true cavern complex and not like most OSR caverns. This means there’s a lot of verticality involved. The below two maps should show you what I mean: one is a top down view and the other the side view. It really is Stonesky Delve, because the characters are going to work to move throughout it.

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