Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Easter Eggs in Sorcery & Super Science!

I like to put little Easter eggs in the writing that I do, particular in S&SS, for instance the geo-political area of "New Fargo" contains a reference to Famine in Far-Go(1) as well as a reference to the movie Fargo (2). I sometimes wonder if they're ever discovered, but I know if they are, whoever discovers them gets a great little bit of "I see what you did there!" feeling.

"Six years ago, John Foodfinder located and claimed an automated chicken processing factory as his own(1). This discovery saved his village and all those from neighboring settlements moved, forming New Fargo around this plant. In the past six years, King John has grown his territory by small steps, as the area around New Fargo seems unusually beset by radiated horrors.

Although one would assume New Fargo is named because the ruins of that ancient city lie within the kingdom’s boundary that is not the case (2). The ruins of ancient Fargo are on an island in the Center Sea. New Fargo is named in honor of that ancient city’s world-renown prosperity. If traveling in the area, New Fargo certainly needs to be visited, for it is one of the few safe places in the sparsely populated kingdom. Additionally King John has tapped into the energy supply of the factory, and New Fargo is awash in lights and power. Trading opportunities abound, as canned chicken is produced in large quantities here (1), and small fortunes have been made via its transportation. Finally, the ruins of ancient Brainerd (2) may provide some scavenging opportunities."

(1) - This refers of course to the central plot of Famine in Far-Go.
(2) - This refers to how the movie (and subsequent series) Fargo was almost entirely not in Fargo. And on the map "New Fargo" contains Brainerd, which is where most of the movie Fargo occurred.

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