Saturday, March 22, 2014

Life gets in the way...

I've been absent for a while because life's gotten in the way of business. Suzi's almost done with her schooling (getting her Masters in Nursing) and is just about a Nurse Practitioner now. She's snagged a job offer and just signed a contract, so she got a job lined up. We've been house hunting and finally found one, put an offer down, had it accepted, and are now in the oh-so-fun loan process (which is being annoying since our income's taken a hit with her being in school full time and without us able to count her job-contracted salary as income).

So I've not been as productive as I should have been recently and it's not going to change for at least a week, as next week's Gary Con. To which I'm going only as a fan and leaving my publisher hat at home. This Con is going to just be about having fun and gaming.

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