Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Big Book of Graph Paper's Awesome Review!

So I kinda suspect a bit 'o tongue-in-cheek with The Big Book of Graph Paper's review, but it made me chuckle nonetheless...
This is a great product! You just can't find graph paper like this anywhere. Sure some people will say you can get free pdfs on the internet that you can print out your own graph paper, but make no mistake, that is no substitute to the Big Book of Graph Paper! Once I started using this for my role playing games, my maps literally came alive and swallowed up my players transforming a mundane table top dungeon crawl into a real fight for survival! On the negative side, two of my players were killed when they fell into a pit of acid, but after hearing how exciting my games are using the hardbound 181 pages of .25 inch graph paper plus 11 pages of .25 inch isometric, I have a waiting list of new players to join the game. All of them are raving about the Big Book of Graph Paper. I plan to buy an additional book and use it to build my new castle with moat and drawbridge. For only $25 this is a real steal!

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