Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lion Men

Since you can't have a post-apoc game without lion men...

Lion Men
Mutated Lion (Intermediate)
C8 A5 S8 F6 R2 I5 W4: Ego 34: Health 54: Fortune 38
Movement 8/70

Description & Information: Lion men are found upon the plains throughout the world below the shattered moon. These bipedal lion/human hybrids are about 6 feet tall and weight around 200 lbs. They are quick, fast, and strong - consummate predators. They favor wide open spaces and live in small prides of 6-15 individuals. These prides form clans (5-10 prides) and then tribes (10-20 prides). Occasionally, an entire tribe will band together for some great endeavor.

Intrinsic Powers
• Lion men have great vision and possess a +2 to sense checks involving sight. In addition, they have good olfactory senses and can make +1 extraordinary sense checks involving such.
• Lion men may attack with a fierce bite, dealing +4 slashing damage and +4/ rank 4 combat condition, but they tend to favor weapons and are especially prone to carry missile weapons except when honor dueling, when they exclusively use melee weapons.

Limited Use Powers
• Lion men have three randomly determined powers at the Intermediate threshold that they may use 3 times per day if the power is not one that constantly functions.

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