Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorcery & Super Science! shaping up...

I've been working on the map and as the digital pen is put to digital paper, the stories become to come. I've always loved making maps and have found that they are truly inspirational.

The Midwestern Badlands have expanded into Ohio and are now joined with the East Coast Badlands, the Gulf Coast Badlands, and the Great Northern Wastes, where the Cree have returned out of time - their Totem Shamans (mutated animals) breaking all known rules through their use of sorcery, once thought only the purview of pure humans. They remember their mistreatment and are now a fierce warrior tribe, wary of outsiders. The confederated states of Ohio (whose leading member is the Grand Duchy of Coshocton, of course) are civilizing factors while the warring states of Qubec fight within and without. The Holy States of California have established a solid grip upon the continent with their Crusader States and The Lucky Duchy is one of the few "civilized" sections in what was once the Southwest US. The Southern Florida Death Cult has recently taken a few of the Bahama islands and their plans to expand southward seem unlikely to fail.

More to come of course, but things are shaping up nicely, IMO.

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