Sunday, October 10, 2010

The ZZZ Guide to North America - Update

I've just finished about 70% of the The ZZZ Guide to North America. It's taking me a bit longer than I'd expected and proving to be a tough, but rewarding, write. It's tough in that I'm trying to make a coherent world (at least in terms of what I think coherency would be for the postulated Sorcery & Super Science reality) that has just enough detail to spur the imagination of GMs, allowing them to take the broad strokes of the work as a framework within which to build their own world.

I've been adamant throughout S&SS that the game is the game as played at each and every table and that all "rules" are guidelines in that endeavor. The "rules" are to be followed when desired and ignored when desired. I'm also adamant that the world's details are exactly the same - not real until the GM decides to include them at his table. In this way, S&SS is completely old-school. The rules are new, the setting's new, but the way that I want the game to be played is entirely in the hands of the players and GM. That's old-school, IMO.

But, ironically, this openness makes writing a bit harder than when I feel as if I'm making definitive statements about a subject and thus, taking a bit more time than expected. I think that its going to be an awesome supplement for those looking for a good sandbox environment.

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