Saturday, October 30, 2010


Another state detailed under the shattered moon...

50. Arkdorado
Representative Alliance: President Hames D. Coney
GTSL: 3329

A haven for free-thinkers and independently-minded people, Arkdorado is a very loose alliance of smaller communities that traditionally find leadership from the Coney settlement of New New Edinburg. All inhabitants of New New Edinburg assume the last name of “Coney” in honor of the great man that founded the settlement and carved out a small slice of civilization among barbarity over 100 years ago.

There are many small settlements throughout this area, mostly walled farming settlements focusing on subsistence agriculture and a few trade goods. Although relatively primitive in technology, the people of Arkdorado are canny tacticians through their shared belief in playing the ancient table-top war games of the ancients to sharpen their minds. It is, in fact, almost a religious activity in Arkdorado, so visitors should expect to play games when staying in the territory. We recommend the games are played, as declining can be seen as an insult. Because of this belief, it is not unusual to find muties from Arkdorado leading regiments in the armies of other, more technologically-advanced, states.

There are a few small ruins in Arkdorado, but most have been thoroughly picked through and lack even the smallest cell of The Church of Parkour. That said, we have recently heard rumors that, if the ruins have been thoroughly picked over, whoever did the picking did a poor job.

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