Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pump-Action Broadsword

The truly awesome three-word phrase found at I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow has spurred my imagination. Behold! The Pump-Action Broadsword!

Pump-Action Broadsword (A) 5: Value 3,000
Spirits: D (A) 1; E (A) 1; N (A) 1; P (A) 1
Description: Appearing as a normal well-crafted broadsword, a pump-action broadsword allows its user to move his hand along the hilt in a pump-action motion, shooting a magical broadsword from the blade. The sword and its sword missiles deal +6 slashing damage, +4/rank 6 slashing combat condition. The missiles have a range of 100 yards, with a -2 penalty when the target is greater than 50 yards away. The missiles dematerialize after 20 seconds.
Fortune: 12

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