Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scourge of the Mall Rats update

I've just finished the main parts of the adventure and am now doing the touch-up work. Many writers work from start to finish, following a rough outline of the idea. I tend to jump around to whatever is interesting me at the moment and I leave big holes behind that have to be fixed. A good example in Sorcery & Super Science is that I'll write "broadcast power station" as an item to stat up in a room description and then move on. I'm at the stage now where I go back and fill in those holes.

I've also been listening to a boat-load of Tom Waits (mostly his more recent stuff) and I'm wondering if that's going to work it's way into the writing in ways that I won't see until I do the first editing pass. As if having creepy, calliope/burlesque/vaudeville themes are somehow not a benefit to a S&SS adventure! :)

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