Monday, October 11, 2010

New Japan

Some more from the ZZZ guide.

79. New Japan
Feudal Monarchy: Shogun Ochi Katsutaro
GTSL: 5546

Just east of the ruins of ancient Yakima, the capital of New Japan hugs the side of a steep mountain, bunkered down in safety. The only place in North American where Japanese is the primary language, New Japan is composed of mostly muties with a Japanese heritage. How they got here is unknown to us at the ZZZ Society, but they claim to have come from a Japan before cars and trains and say that their great-grandparents had never seen a white man, more the less any of the standard horrors found under the shattered moon.

Regardless their origin, the Japanese of New Japan crafted a flourishing feudal state east of The Cascade Wilderlands. Such growth has recently halted due the war against the Warlord of Spokane. New Japan is allied with The League of Warm Springs and Pudlandia in the war, but things are fairing poorly for New Japan and much territory has been conquered or simply destroyed.

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