Friday, October 15, 2010

Tome of Tomes

Another from the series.

Author: William the Wise
Race: Human
Dimensions: 8x8x1
Weight: 4lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, stoneboard, parchment
Rarity: Rare
Fields of Study: Fauna
Special Knowledge Categories: None
Value: 100 gp

How William the Wise learned so much about the secretive race known as doppelganger in common is unknown, but sages speculate that he may have been a doppelganger himself. One who through random chance, but more plausibly magic, experienced a change of heart concerning the intense secrecy surrounding the race. Within the work, art, culture, politics and religion are discussed, but the most valuable chapter from the view of an adventurer is the one helping identify disguised doppelgangers. William the Wise provides a list of small traits, quirks, and errors to watch for, providing a small advantage when determining if a creature is a doppelganger in disguise. Reading this work takes two weeks.

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