Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lizard Lords of Albuquerque

'Bout time for another state detail. 

66. The Lizard Lords of Albuquerque
Hereditary Tribal State: The Great Lizard King Starslayer Scalekin
GTSL: 2210

Before reaching the horrors of the The Great Desert surrounding the southern Colorado Kingdoms, one runs into the horrors of The Lizard Lords of Albuquerque. The land here is riddled with underground burrows filled with hideous lizard men who use all other muties as slaves and food. The various Lizard Lords all pay tribute to The Great Lizard King and occasionally all band together into large raiding groups, striking into other states on quick raids. The Lizard Lords hold no shares in The Slave Fields of the Colorado Kingdoms and it is a common location for their predations.

As such, all of the other states in the area are at war with The Lizard Lords, but terrain and a deep unwillingness to send troops out of their home territories makes effective retaliation against The Lizard Lords impossible. However, the other states fund small hit-and-run raiding groups as a constant irritant to the burrowed lizard men.

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