Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dark Lands of Kalamazoo

More from the upcoming ZZZ Guide.

97. The Dark Lands of Kalamazoo
Wizard State: The Great Kalamazoo
GTSL: 3711

Nestled against the eastern shore of Lake Michigan is the wizard state called The Dark Lands of Kalamazoo. The land here is blasted and barren, filled with rolling hills and dismal swamps. The sun rarely shines and when it does, it shines down upon vast swaths of mushrooms fields, some larger than a dozen square miles. Most of these mushrooms are harmless, but many are not, and the mutated fungi common to these areas have resulted in uncounted horrible deaths. Braving this territory requires careful planning and mostly night travel. There are many ruins here that are generally unscavenged, but getting in and out is very difficult. We recommend hiring a native guide if you choose to enter here.

Of The Great Kalamazoo we know little. He is rumored to dress only in purples and oranges, ride a mecha-magical flying steed and blast at any who offend him with rockets. He appears to find the mere existence of most muties offensive.

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