Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going Fishing

Everyone needs to relax - even muties.

Fish Depth Finder (A) 2; Value: 245
Skill Sets: C (I) 1; E (A) 1; Ma (A) 1; Mc (I) 1; R (A) 1; Components: (I) 1, 3; (A) 1, 2
Description: A small hand-held device attached to a float via a cable.
Effects: Gives depth of water up to 300 feet, providing bottom composition information such as rock or grass. Gives approximate depth of fish in water.
Power Source: Power Cell (A) 1 for 48 hours of power.

Fishing Rod (I) 10; Value: 55
Skill Sets: C (I) 1, Ma (I) 5, Mc (I) 1; Components: (I) 1, 10
Description: A small, personal fishing rod, including line and simple tackle for the rod’s functioning.
Effects: It helps you catch fish. Add +2 to the roll on any Foraging checks related to such activities.

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