Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vehicle Modifications in Classified

Below are the list of vehicle modifications available in Classified. It's not an exhaustive list, obviously, but I think it's a good one for a core book and should be enough to get people playing.

Bullet Proof Screen
Drone System
Ejector Seat
Electrical Protection System
EMP Cannon
Explosive Alarm System
Gas Ports and Oxygen Feeds
Gun Ports
Halogen Burst Lamp
Heads-up Display
Hidden Compartment
Ink Cloud Generator
Mine Dispenser
Modified Integrated Computer
Modifiable Running Lights
Mortar System
Oil Slick Sprayer
Performance Modification
Puncture Resistant Tires
Quick-tint Windows
Revolving License Plate
Smoke Screen Generator
Standard Modification Packages
     Law Enforcement Modification Package:
     Agent Modification Package:
     Special Agent Modification Package:
Structural Reinforcement
Tack Strip Dispenser
Tire Slasher
Twin .50 Machineguns
Twin M240B Machineguns
Vehicle Arresting System


baronzemo said...

Yoy forgot the car that turns into a submarine.

joseph browning said...

Yeah, it's not there. I made a decision to leave it out for space reasons and because it's a very specialized thing that was only there originally because it was in one of the movies.

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