Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bit of My Youth...

Ok, ladies and gents, I'm looking for a sealed set of TSR Dragon Dice as in this picture below. Color is unimportant to me. I missed the last *two* auction at Ebay because I'm stupid and forget to look at Ebay very often because there's not much I want to own that I don't already own. If anyone sees one in the future please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it.

I want to buy a set and open it: destroying all it's "value" but reliving one of the happier memories of my gaming youth - buying my first set of dice. It's foolish, but I can afford to be foolish in this small way.

And if you, by some strange chance, *have* a set of unopened Dragon Dice that you wouldn't mind selling knowing I'm going to rip into it and actually use the dice, I'll pay ya $100 for it.

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