Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bit of My Youth...

Ok, ladies and gents, I'm looking for a sealed set of TSR Dragon Dice as in this picture below. Color is unimportant to me. I missed the last *two* auction at Ebay because I'm stupid and forget to look at Ebay very often because there's not much I want to own that I don't already own. If anyone sees one in the future please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it.

I want to buy a set and open it: destroying all it's "value" but reliving one of the happier memories of my gaming youth - buying my first set of dice. It's foolish, but I can afford to be foolish in this small way.

And if you, by some strange chance, *have* a set of unopened Dragon Dice that you wouldn't mind selling knowing I'm going to rip into it and actually use the dice, I'll pay ya $100 for it.


  1. Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully I'll manage to get a set within a year.

  2. Joseph, Auction Snipe is your friend. Avoid missing auctions. Skip those pesky price inflating battles with fellow bidders. Pip 'em at the post without even being there. Three free snipes per week. No set of free steak knives however. :-)

  3. Hrm... didn't know about that. Thanks!

  4. LOL. I was thinking I need to get these too. But I'd have to leave mine in the case.

    OR I would like tho have cardboard back on this. I used to keep those in my Expert set for some reason.

  5. Saw this today

    Don't know if they fit the bill...

  6. Those are pretty cool, Jim. I didn't know they ever made dice that changed color based on heat.


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