Monday, January 7, 2013

Hit the Ground Running

I'm about halfway through editing the last Advanced Adventures manuscript I have and would welcome any submissions. After I get done with that, to layout it goes and then art direction. I'm then going to pick up with Classified (my spy retroclone) and start working on the covert items section now that I'm done with weapons and vehicles. After that, I'll jump into the NPC sections and work on creating the enemy agency in the book (which I am calling OSIRIS).

Lots on the plate, time to hit the ground running.... oh, and I need to work on the Goremont Grim some, and on both Tome of Tomes and Formula Folio. I need about another 70 or so tomes for a 2nd PDF product in that line, and about 20 or so formula for the 1st level product in that line.

Busy, busy... plenty to do.

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