Thursday, January 17, 2013

Living Encounter Tables

Living Encounter Tables have Secondary and Tertiary Tables that “fill up” the Primary Table once an encounter happens. For example, when Orcs appear, the GM rolls on the Secondary Table for their replacement and gets Ghouls. The GM then rolls on the Tertiary Table to fill in the spot the Ghouls were previously using. The allows the GM to do two main things: change the danger level of encounters or change the "tone" of encounters. In this example, the encounters become progressively more dangerous, but if the GM loaded the Secondary and Tertiary Tables with, say, only ooze/fungi/plant monsters, the tone of the encounters would change as well.

1d4 Result
1 Hobgoblins
2 Orcs
3 Goblins
4 Kobolds

1d4 Result
1 Bugbears
2 Ghouls
3 Ochre Jelly
4 Ogres

1d4 Result
1 Dopplegangers
2 Hydra, 7-heads
3 Minotaurs
4 Slithering Tracker

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