Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Goremont Grim

A few bits about the Grim...

To Slight the Maze: Sometimes putting different objects in one’s mouth (under the tongue) can “slight the maze” as it’s called, greatly reducing chance of encounters in the Grim.

The Touch of the Grim: Some rare long-time walkers are blessed/cursed by the Grim. These creatures gain double the normal life expectancy of their kind and gain +1hp every year they age. The Grim insures, however, that all of their additional years come at the end of their normal life, resulting in them living a tremendously long time in the venerable age category. Some view this as a blessing, but many consider it a curse. Some long-lived creatures that are touched by the Grim find themselves shunted into strange new worlds where they are worshiped as nigh-invulnerable living gods.

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