Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Riddle of Anadi in 2nd editing

Just sent The Riddle of Anadi Suzi's way for second editing. The way we do it here is that after receiving a manuscript, I do a read through and determine if its something I'd like to publish. After that, I pay the author (which is very unusual for this business wherein the author is usually paid several months after his work is published, allowing the publisher to pull from the revenue stream the work created to cover costs) and then I do first round editing. After editing I lay the work out in InDesign and then ship an editing PDF to Suzi. She edits it and then back to me it goes. I then commission art for the adventure. Once I get the art, the art goes in and the publication is finished.

We try to solicit the material to distributors 3 months earlier than we expect to have the finished work. The delay time in the print business isn't very congruent with the speed in which we can turn a product around (I can get a module done in a month - including art), so we often have several products kinda just sitting around for the distributor "street date" to roll around. Right now I have 3, I believe.

This is one of the reasons why I'm doing the smaller PDFs for Sorcery & Super Science! over more standard print releases. I really like the immediacy of the process from start to finish.

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