Thursday, January 13, 2011

The OSR has a booth at Gen Con 2011!

This is the news that I couldn't say earlier. There will a booth at Gen Con featuring Old-School products from at least 7 OSR companies; Black Blade Publishing, Brave Halfling Publishing, Expeditious Retreat Press, Frog God Games, Goblinoid Games, Pacesetter Games & Simulations, and all the way from Finland,  Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Suzi and I will be running the booth at the convention. The Old-School Renaissance Group has arrived and the OSR will be in force at Gen Con this year! I'm tremendously excited by this next step in the OSR.

Hopefully the booth will act as the hub for the OSR community at Gen Con. I'd like to have a "master list" of all the Old-School gaming going on at the convention at the booth to help direct people towards those games.

I also want to let the entire OSR community know that the booth is open to everyone's products as long as we have space. That means if you've published an OSR product you can have your product for sale at Gen Con 2011 with all of the other awesome OSR products already committed to the booth. Much of the strength of the OSR comes from individuals and we want to have the community there in as great a capacity as possible.

So if you're interested in having products at the booth, contact me at for the details.

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