Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Like Rolling Hit Points for Monsters

So, I'm working on Down the Shadowvein right now and I've got a room with 20 critters in it - 8 of one type and 12 of another. They're from Malevolent & Benign, so I grab my copy from my desk drawer to see their stats.

As I do this, I realize that I'm smiling a little bit. I'm looking forward to rolling up the creatures' hit points. I'm having fun just looking forward to rolling some dice and letting them fall as they may. The critter may have 1 hp, it may have 8 - the outcome doesn't matter - that's what the critter has - that's what is. I love this type of discovery. I think that love of "what is, is" is at the heart of old-school play.

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