Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming in 2011

Since I did a summation of 2010, I thought a "wishful thinking" list of 2011 XRP print products would be pretty cool as well.

The first category is "things that I'd really like to have out, but are just damn hard to do" and in that category are the two Magical Society books I'm working on right now - A Magical Society Castles and A Magical Society India. Both of these two works are just butt-kickingly tough to write. The castle book is the easier, but my heart is drawn (as it always seems to be) towards India. Watched the Kerela No Destinations show last night and the food and the people and the sublime madness that is India made me want to hop a  plane and take another 3 month trip. Both of these books I would love to see out in 2011, but I don't know if that's more than just a wish right now.

The Advanced Adventures line, however, is a lot more concrete. As of this writing, I have 5 more Advanced Adventures in various stages of publication. 2 are completely finished, 2 are edited, and 1 is being written. I also have at least 1 of our writers working on another. This means that there could be up to 6 Advanced Adventures in 2011, but I more realistically expect 4 or 5.

Our 1 on 1 Adventures line for Pathfinder slowed down a bit and we're hoping to ramp that back up. We've got 1 in the final editing stage, 1 being worked on by an author and 4 outlined. Best case scenario there would be 6 1 on 1 Adventures in 2011. I suspect, however, that 4 is a more realistic number.

Sorcery & Super Science continues with 3 planned released next year - The ZZZ Quick Guide to North America, The Vulture Men of Waukegan and The Scourge of the Mall Rats. The Vulture Men is a gazetteer-type product for that area below the shattered moon and Mall Rats is an adventure. Mall rats is about 75% done and Vulture Men about 10%, but I think it better to get Vulture Men out first, so it will be several months before that shows up. The ZZZ Quick Guide is out in PDF as of the 1st and it will follow in print at the speed distribution normally proceeds.

So that brings us to a maximum of 16 possible printed products with a more realistic number of 11 for 2011. In PDF, I'll continue with the smaller Sorcery & Super Science products as featured on the right column of this blog.

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