Monday, June 27, 2011

Worlds Apart Skills Analysis

Two posts ago, I listed the skills list for Worlds Apart. Within the list are several design assumptions to which I'd like to draw some attention.

The first thing of interest is the separation of Agriculture and Animals. In a Traveller game, the distinction has far less meaning, but in a fantasy game, a bit more granularity should prove useful.

The second is the group of skills that are related to the voyager ship concept. Deep Ocean Navigation, Elemental Engineer, Gunner, and Pilot. These skills relate to the conceptual design of the voyager ship as an elemental platform upon which humans (and some non-humans) are capable of traveling upon the Forever Sea to reach all the worlds apart. It also shows that voyager ships possess something analogous to cannon that can be used in ship-to-ship as well as bombardments.

The third is the combat skills - Melee and Missile. These are expanded from normal Traveller, and Missile Combat has replaced Gun Combat, what with there being no guns.

Finally, we have some magical-oriented skills: Dweomercraeft, Magic, and Magical Language.

It should be noted that under both Language and Magical Language there's the note "Need more!" Expanding the language lists for both of these categories is more a world-building activity than a design activity and, as such, have been put off until that process starts. Right now, just having the placeholder concept works perfectly.

Its good to have the skills list completed. Now that that's done, careers can be developed.

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