Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tree Insect

Everyone's familiar with stick insects. IMO, they're one of the cooler bugs around. I've decided to upgrade them to mimic trees instead of sticks in Sorcery & Super Science! :)

Tree Insect
Mutated stick insect (Intermediate)
C8 A5 S13 F11 R-4 I7 W3: Ego 34: Health 74: Fortune 43
Movement 15/132

Description & Information: Before the cracking of the moon, dozens of different species of stick insects scuttled about the world; 41 just in North America alone. The cataclysm resulted in a few of these creatures growing to monstrous size, changing appearance, and turning carnivorous. Where a stick insect mimics a single small stick, a tree insect now mimics an entire tree. Tree insects are found only in deep forests where they spend most of their time standing still, slowing filtering the air of debris (such as birds). Stick insects will pursue prey for only a short distance, preferring ambush tactics.

Intrinsic Powers
• Immune to radiation.
• The tree insect’s tough chitinous body reduces all physical damage by 4 points per hit.
• A tree insect deals +8 piercing damage and a +4/rank 4 combat condition

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