Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Just got in a slew of illustrations from Eric Lofgren. My fav is the bunnyshark, it's so cute and so terrible at the same time - perfect! They live only to hop, eat, and make more bunnysharks.

And its stats...

Mutated rabbit (Basic)
C1 A6 S-3 F1 R-3 I3 W2: Ego 4: Health 10: Fortune 6
Movement 15/132 (swim at .25)

Description & Information: A bunnyshark is a common rabbit featuring the head of a great white shark where its normal bunny head should abide. Two floppy bunny ears frame their toothy maw. They live only to hop, eat, and make more bunnysharks. Independently they are of little concern for an adult mutie, but in packs they can be deadly. They are found in any temperate environment and typically outcompete the regular small predators. They can breathe underwater for short periods of time (up to 10 minutes).

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess senses greater than human, +2 on any auditory sense conflicts.
• Bunnysharks attack with a bite, dealing +1 piercing damage per hit and a +4/ rank 2 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Bun Mob (1 per day): If there are more than 10 bunnysharks in an attacking pack, they may enter a frenzied state, wherein their Combat is increased to 3 and they deal +3 piercing damage per hit.

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