Monday, June 27, 2011

Game Design Project Managment

So working on Worlds Apart I realized it would be useful to make a rough outline of the order of creation that I have tentatively worked out so far. These first 9 steps are, IMO, the most important as they deal with the player's interaction with Worlds Apart before the game "officially" begins.

1. Grand Concept: Fantasy Opera - A game of exploration and trade. Background and concept.
2. Tech Levels: Bounding the world and character concepts.
3. Character Characteristics: Bringing the basic aspects of the PC into the world.
4. Basic World Building: Fleshing out types of islands - creating a basic conceptual framework from where PCs arise.
5. Skills: A grand list of potential and expected activities pertinent to game play and PC concept.
6. Non-magical Careers: Creating the careers that do not feature magic.
7. Magic: Building the basic blocks and concepts of how magic functions.
8. Magical Careers: Building careers that rely upon magic.
9. Non-Humans: PC options pending GM allowances.

As yet unordered design requirements, a list.

Voyager Ship construction and function.
Island generation and statistics.
Trade, trade and more trade.
Equipment, Creatures, and Treasures
Completed Magic System
PC and Ship combat
?Perhaps a city generation system analogous to the island generation system.

World Building Requirements, a list.
A general overview of the "known" world.
At least one map sector detailed fully.

As you can see, there's quite a lot to do, and the world-building aspects will be intertwined with the design aspects, but a general mental separation is useful, IMO.

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