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Worlds Apart Careers Summary

Now that we've got skills out of the way, we can start working on careers - the heart of the player-side game. Below is a list including their assignments. Note that a bit of how the magic system works in included in the Dweomercraefter description. Also note that unlike all other careers, it becomes easier to become a Dweomercraefter the more careers one has.

Drifter: Automatic
Everyone’s got a hard-luck story they’re ready to tell at the drop of a hat. Everyone’s been down and out - unsure of what to do and how to do it.

•    Native: You spend the term living among a basic people, learning their skills and ways.
•    Traveler: You wandered about, island to island and inter-island, calling no place home.
•    Scavenger: You are stuck in a large metropolis, low on money and unable to reach friends. Life is hard.

Dweomercraefters: Mag 9+
+1 DM for every previous career
You must possess Magic 0 to start this career.

Magic powers reality and you can tap into that power.

•    Wizard: You can change the world with a thought, a word, and a gesture.
•    Priest: You pray to the divine and channel their power through you.
•    Philosopher: You express the higher orders of reality that lie beyond the understanding of the wizard and priest.

Dweomercraefters must choose their particular Dweomercraft specialty and Magical Talent specialty during their first term If dweomercraefting is not your first career, you gain *both* of those skill specialties as opposed to choosing a single Service Skill.

If during character creation, you gain a level of  Magical Talent that would put your skill level in that Talent higher than your Magic skill, instead increase your Magic skill by one level.

Entertainer: Int 6+
–1 DM for every previous career.

Every culture in the world has entertainers, bringing joy and moral education to their audience.

•    Artist: You create art, such as painting, sculpture, or literature.
•    Performer: You perform, dancing, singing, and charming your way through society.
•    Spy: You travel the Forever Sea posing as an entertainer, performing from island to island. You’re actually gathering information for a merchant guide, crime syndicate, or noble house.

Merchants: Int 6+
–1 DM for every previous career.

Trade is the lifeblood of every society.

•    Broker: You work in a port, selling and buying goods, employed by the port authority, a merchant guild, or a noble family.
•    Tramp Trader: You serve on an independent voyager ship, tramp trading through the Forever Sea.
•    Operator: You are a special agent for a merchant family, noble family, or guild. You solve…  problems.

Rogues: Dex 6+
–1 DM for every previous career.

The easiest way to get something is to take it from someone else.

•    Pirate: You make your living attacking other voyager ships upon the Forever Sea.
•    Thief: The urban lure leads you into a life of theft on the streets.
•    Thug: Everyone needs hired muscle: especially criminals.

Sailors: Dex 5+
–1 DM for every previous career.

The lure of the sea has always been strong, but now that the Forever Sea has returned, trade has grown and grown. Maintaining that trade against the continual barrage of pirates demands a strong military force.

•    Deckhand: You serve as a deckhand upon a capital voyager ship.
•    Marine: You’re a soldier at sea protecting your capital voyager ship. You man the guns and run the defenses, you engage hostile boarders and you’re the first off the boat when attacking enemy ports.
•    Artificer: You’re trained to deal with the technical aspects of voyager capital ships; journeys upon the Forever Sea rely upon your knowledge.

Scholars: Edu 8+
–1 DM for every previous career.

Knowledge is power: upon it everything is built.

•    Bard: You have a vast body of memorized stories and the wisdom to know when they are of importance.
•    Librarian: You spend your time among books, gaining a wide knowledge in many subjects.
•    Naturalist: You split your time between the shelves and the wild, learning all that you can learn.

Scouts: Int 5+
–1 DM for every previous career

Scouts are one of the backbones of the seafaring world, conveying important messages, surveying border islands, and exploring the depths of the Forever Sea. They can be found at almost every port that launches into the deep sea..

Assignments: Choose one of the following:
•    Courier: You serve as a message bearer for an important patron (organization, noble, trading company).
•    Surveyor: You travel to border islands, assessing their worth to your patron.
•    Explorer: You explore strange new islands, seeking out new life and new civilizations. Boldly going…

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