Sunday, November 21, 2010

Formula Folio

The next recipe. I'm trying to make them have a sort of "magical" reason be that historical, sympathetic or simply obscure. Each recipe should be unique, but also have similar threads of production methods woven throughout.

Protection from Devils
For the ink required to scribe a protection from devils scroll

1 oz. giant octopus ink
2 drams holy water
1 oz. pure alcohol
1 nutmeg with mace
1 large piece of jade, powdered
9 oz. silver
9 oz. nitric acid
1 lb. salt
1 oz. of mane’s blood

In a silver container, place the whole nutmeg (with mace separated) in the holy water, octopus ink, and alcohol and let rest until the nutmeg dissolves, usually a month’s time, making an ink tincture. In a glass container, dissolve the silver with the acid and then pour out half, than half, than half again onto the salt. Retain 1 oz of the salt and consume the rest in a cherry wood fire. Combine the powdered jade and salt and mix them into the ink tincture. Spit upon the mace, grind until a powder and add to the acid and silver solution. Finally combine the acid and the tincture and then introduce the mane’s blood. Makes enough ink for 2 scrolls. An erinyes feather quill is required.

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