Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bursting Death Plant

Been working up some new monsters for Sorcery & Super Science! and here's one that's a bit different than others. It's not as much a monster as a hazard, but I think having information as if it was a monster should be beneficial at the table. I thought about having a separate group of challenges, but I think it's better to present them in a similar matter than to change the presentation. I'll keep thinking about it, of course.

Bursting Death Plant
Mutated stickseed (Basic)
C-4 A-4 S-4 F1 R-4 I10 W10: Ego 26: Health 64: Fortune 33
Movement 0

Description & Information: The bursting death plant is found throughout the world below the shattered moon, from lush jungles to semi-deserts. It is a small, hardy plant usually no bigger than a foot tall. During spring, it flowers in distinctive red and purple colors. It is only after flowering that the plant becomes dangerous, becoming passively empathetic within 50 feet. If anything approaches within that area, the bursting death plant teleports its seed into the creature. These tiny seeds do no damage initially, and may not even been detected (a rank 10 extraordinary Intuition sense check detects the process and locates the seed in the target’s body). The seed remains in the target for the next 7 months, before explosively bursting out of the victim.

Intrinsic Powers
• The bursting seed of a bursting death plant causes 25 points of explosive damage and a rank 15 combat condition. This damage is not reduced via armor, but is reduced through mutation.

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