Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Mechanics of Publishing

Last post I talked about how I was switching gears from Classified to OSRIC to recharge the battery a bit in regards to Classified. Well, the switch didn't work. I wasn't very creative with OSRIC either, which presents the greater problem of the creative: Creative Exhaustion. And by that I don't mean "burnout," I mean more like I've been pulling water from the well to quickly and it's running low.

I've experienced this several times in the decade I've been working as a creative and its on days like this that I'm glad I'm also publishing. By not being a full-time creative, I have the opportunity to step back and do some of the mechanical parts of publishing that I don't like to do when I *am* feeling creative: layout, uploading, planning, etc.

I'm thankful I'm not working for someone else as a creative. If I was, I'd have to figure out a way of digging a deeper well that can deal with the outflows or else I'd face real burnout as opposed to a low-water period.

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