Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shelving The Bucharest Libretto Mission

I'm sad to say but I'm temporarily shelving The Bucharest Libretto as the first Classified mission.

Last night as I vainly tried for sleep while battling an illness, I realized that I'm releasing a retro-clone of the 1980's Bond game and I would be better served by having the first mission be exactly in tone with the source material. I'm about 6k words into The Bucharest Libretto , and I think it's a great mission, but I realized that its probably not the best mission to introduce the game as it is not a mission that is very "Bondian" in flavor. It's a lot more opaque and gray.

So with this in mind, I've decided to write a new introductory mission for Classified. Thanks to everyone who's expressed interest in The Bucharest Libretto! The mission will be released, but it'll be the second Classified mission-not the first.

Now, to listen to some music, relax and let my brain wander where it likes. I'm sure it'll find the right mission if I just leave it alone for a while. Time to get into my creative-trance-zone.

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