Friday, September 30, 2011


Another unfriendly below the shattered moon...

Mutated scorpion (Intermediate)
C6 A4 S6 F7 R-4 I3 W4: Ego 20: Health 46: Fortune 26
Movement 5/44 (fly at 50/440)

Description & Information: A horrible combination of wasp and scorpion, waspions are to be avoided. Their predatory nature and love of fresh meat coupled with their hive structure often creates wastelands of territory they claim as theirs.

Intrinsic Powers
• The waspion’s tough chitinous body reduces all physical damage by 4 points per hit.
• A waspion may attack with its front claws, dealing +8 piercing damage and a +4/rank 4 combat condition. It can do this in addition to a tail sing attack.
• A waspion may stings with its tail, dealing +6 poison damage and a +4/rank 4 combat condition. It can do this in addition to its claw attack. This is a toxic attack.
• A waspion can use its front claws to deflect a single melee attack every turn. It if does such, it cannot make a claw attack in the same turn, but it can make a tail sting attack.

Limited Use Powers
• Paralysis Poison (2 per day): Those struck by a waspion’s stinger may instead be stung with a paralysis poison, rather than the typical waspion poison. Those hit must succeed on a rank 10 Fortitude conflict or be paralyzed and unable to move for 1-6 hours.

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